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Want to know how much turkey you’ll need for your Thanksgiving gathering? Read below!

It’s difficult to ‘guess’ how much turkey you’ll need, along with sides, appetizers and drinks. The graphic below will help clear up some of the guesswork. You may want to double the wine portion, depending on how much you like your guests. 😉


Did you know the holiday’s are the best time to list your home for sale? Think about it. Competition will be very low and the chance for multiple offers may occur. Contact The Vories Team at 859.991.9035 for a comparable analysis to see how much money your home may bring. We would love to do business with you!

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Don’t wait until Spring to sell when the market will be flooded with new listings!

house flooding market

We have previously talked about why it’s important to list your home before the flood of listings in the spring. Your home could sell 2x faster and for more money. Why? There’s not a lot on the market right now which means you could set yourself up for multiple offers. Also, you won’t be competing with your neighbor who may be thinking of selling as well. If your confidence in the market has been waning, check out the below information.

A Lending Tree Survey recently revealed three interesting findings. Of those surveyed:

  1. 63% have a positive outlook on the economy this year
  2. 69% have a positive outlook on housing this year
  3. 71% said they are considering selling their home this year

While the first two findings are good news, the third was rather amazing.

71% of homeowners are considering selling their home in the next 12 months!

While we realize that 70% of the housing inventory in this country could never be turned over in a year, it is interesting that people are again thinking about moving. There has been a pent-up selling demand over the last few years because families lost both equity in their homes and confidence in the economy. Rising prices have returned equity to many and an improving economy is again rebuilding consumer confidence.

Bottom Line

Only time will tell. However, even if a small portion of that 71% actually decide to sell, this year’s real estate market could be very interesting as we move forward. (Information provided by The KCM Blog)

Contact us today if you are thinking about listing your home. We offer a FREE Comparative Analysis of what your home is worth. We take pride in caring for our clients and would love to add you as one of them. 859.991.9035 or for more information.