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Besides a price reduction, what’s so special about 3343 Summitrun Dr in Independence?

Here’s what our sellers had to say:

There are many, many reasons that I love this house. After living in a small apartment our first year of marriage, this was the home we found and fell in love with. Honestly we looked at every house in Kenton County. We drove my cousin/realtor nuts. We had finally decided to branch out to Boone when this house was brought to our attention by its owner, a family friend. We knew the moment we walked in that this was our house. And as the years have gone on and our family has grown, I have loved the house more. It seemed to grow with us. Alas, our family has been blessed with 3 children and this family of 5 has pushed its limits. We know that it is time to move forward. I know this is a great house and its rich history of laughter, love and multiplicity will continue on for its next occupants. To break it down, let me tell you just a few things that we love about 3343 Summitrun Drive.

1. It’s Unique – Unknown to most, this little section of Summitrun was actually developed by private builders – not as part of the subdivision. This means that there is no other house truly likes ours in the subdivision. The lot is bigger and the home is not cookie-cutter. Its design is truly different than any other home around us. Small touches such as the chrome doorknob and upgraded light fixtures were hand-selected for this home. And unlike most other houses around us, we have a mailbox! Further there is no HOA which means you can choose to do what you wish with this home and its yard without anyone telling you what you can and cannot do. This is a very unique find in a subdivision.

2. The Master Bedroom – My husband is 6’4” and he likes clothes (me too). And his clothes are not small. We needed a master bedroom and walk-in closet that could accommodate his size and all our clothes. This bedroom does. The high ceilings and over-sized room gave us so much freedom. We never felt crowded or cluttered. It is truly a large space. The large windows bring in a beautiful amount of natural light and the bathroom is the perfect combination of space and privacy. And the proximity to the other bedrooms allowed for me to hear and feel close to my kids without them being on top of us.

3. The Yard – I know the yard does not seem perfect because it is not a flat square space, but this backyard is perfect in so many ways. I grew up on land and my biggest concern moving to a subdivision was finding a yard that gave me privacy. I LOVE the fact that no one is behind us. I don’t look out my backdoor and see 10 houses, all caddy-cornered to one another with no established trees in site. This backyard is perfect as it does provide privacy and there are trees. There are neighbors on both sides but they are truly wonderful (more on them below). Lastly, please don’t let the hill intimidate you. One of my sweetest memories is watching my two oldest daughters start at the top the hill, holding hands, and running as fast as their little legs would take them. I think they were 4 and 2. Their laughter was the perfect combination of pure joy and excitement of exploring the natural world around them. They would get to the bottom of the hill, sometimes tumbling down, and run back up to do it again. And snow only improves the hill! I could sit in the warmth of my kitchen and watch my daughters safely sled ride in the backyard. Knowing that your kids are in a safe place in the comfort of your home is a wonderful thing. That backyard has provided so many wonderful memories and I will always cherish it.

4. The Neighbors – We could not have asked for better neighbors. This house is surrounded by loving people who wish my family well on a daily basis. The neighbors to the right (with the bass mailbox) are genuinely good, salt of the earth people. I know without question that they would give the shirts off their backs for my kids and myself. They were always there to help or give us a tool if we needed one. We would sit and enjoy bonfires on a summer night and enjoy good conversation. I would feel incredibly fortunate to find neighbors like them at every house I live in. The same goes with the neighbors to the left. They are quick with a smile and a wave, take care of their home and have provided help for plenty of projects around the house and yard. This home is surrounded by good people who take pride in their home and work hard. There is really nothing better.

There is no doubt that this is a wonderful house. It is a place that I will forever hold dear in my heart. I have brought home three babies to this house. The walls have seen laughter, tears, growth and a family sprout from 2 members to 5. I have spent countless hours praying in these rooms and receiving God’s blessings. I pray that this home finds its next owners and you will cherish it as we did. Thank you for considering it.

Summitrun front 2

We are proud to have seller’s who love their home and want the next owner to love it as much as they do. Does this home sound like the one for you? Contact us today to see it for yourself at 859.905.3332 and visit for more pictures and info. This home is currently priced at $168,500 and is in a USDA Area which qualifies for $0 down.


We are a don't just get 1 of us, you get 11 for the price of 1. Jennifer Vories-Listing/Buyer's Specialist in KY/OH, Danae Nixon-Transaction Coordinator, Matt Fitzenberger- OH/KY Realtor, Tabatha Nelson-IA/KY Realtor, Derrick Plunkett-Commercial Real Estate Specialist, Jodi Wolf-OH/IN/KY Realtor, Jeremy Meyer-KY Realtor, Beth Reed-KY Realtor, Tracy Smith-Marketing Director, Sandy Wilson-Listing Specialist/Operations Mgmt, Aaron Vories-Inside Sales Mgr, Royce Saunders-Inside Sales Assoc, Michele Fitzenberger, Client Care Coordinator. Please follow us as we will definitely keep you informed on the Northern KY/Southern OH/Southeastern IN housing market and let you in on our crazy lives!

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